Strategies For Bitcoin Lottery Games

For most Bitcoin lottery participants, be it regular or first time bettors, one might come across the thought of applying various strategies to the game. It may seem funny at first thinking that a game of luck can be won with techniques. However, these strategies exist, and most are backed by logic and mathematical equations. Who would’ve thought that a simple game of lottery can be very intricate underneath?

Moreover, applying these strategies can be relatively simple with the aid of research and dedication. By learning such techniques, you may be able to improve your odds of winning. These techniques can basically apply different types of Bitcoin lottery games, as they are mostly based under one principle. Usually, the differences only lie in the selection of numbers.

Tracking method

Possibly the most used strategy of all the three that will be discussed. This system is also referred to as the frequency analysis, which involves monitoring the individual numbers that are drawn over a period of time. This might sound similar for bettors who place wagers on sporting events and the like.

Numbers that often appear in a certain game are called hot numbers, and some players may play these numbers under the assumption that they often appear in past draws, which might apply to future draws as well. Looking through the past draws that are provided by a lottery site is where you should start the tracking technique.

Wheeling strategy

This system does not involve selecting numbers but rather using all the numbers you have. Wheeling involves making up a list of your best picks, then using a coded system, and playing the numbers in different combinations.

Take note that this technique may incur expenses. Before starting, make sure to have a set budget and stick to it. Then determine how many numbers go on the list. Once you are decided, you can buy wheel blanks from wheel specialists. These blanks supply different coded combination for different plays.

Pooling strategy

Pooling is a technique that stretches your resources. This involves pooling your funds together with other players to form better chances of covering the winning combinations. However, there is a drawback with this method. It’s true that you increase your chances of winning, but once a bet hits the correct number, the prizes are split in between the participants. Nevertheless, this is one method that plenty of players still implement whether these are physical or online lotteries.