There Are Many Strategies Available To Win Bitcoin Dice Games

Dice is as nearly old as human culture. It is colloquially known as “bones” because the early dice were made of animal bones. There are many remains of dice with six sides recovered in different places of the world. It was later used as gaming tools. The game of dice involves betting what number(s) would come out every after roll. The fast-paced gameplay has given many instant winnings. It continues to be one of the preferred games in casinos and it is now more enjoyable that it is available for mobile devices and accepts bitcoin as a form of payment.

Bitcoin dice has been one of the popular games among online casinos. The combination of this fun game and fast transaction with bitcoins has a lot to do with the game’s success. Rolling dice with bitcoins is fun, fast and easy. Best Bitcoin Dice gives players more information on winning big with dice games using bitcoins.

Dice Betting

There are two (2) common ways on betting with dice games. It usually starts by players picking their number of “chance”. Players then bet either “Roll Hi” or “Roll Lo”.

  • Roll Hi – betting here means that players believe that roll results would be higher than the “chance” number.
  • Roll Lo – placing bet here means that players believe that the resulting number of the roll is lower than the “chance” number.

Dice Strategies

Determining results in a dice game is difficult. There is no guarantee that each play gives the expected results. There are many strategies when it comes to casino games. It is up to the players to decide what works best for them. However, these dice game strategies might help:

  • Martingale – it involves steady bet after every win and double the bet after every loss.
  • D’Alembert – the strategy lowers the bet after a win and increases the bet after a loss.
  • Paroli – players double the bet after every win and reset the bet every after a loss.
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